A Quest for the Best Grilled Cheese in Vancouver

I am sure that you can make your own Grilled Cheese at home and I am sure you can find a Grilled Cheese on many restaurant menus around the city. The Grilled Cheese is a favourite comfort food for many. My quest was to find the most awesome and tasty Grilled Cheese in the city. In ranking order, these are my favourites from the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that I have eaten in the city.

1)      SAVARY ISLAND – 1533 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Grilled Cheese ($9.50) on their Italian bread with cheese, tomatoes and onions, crispy and grilled to perfection and this grilled cheese was the very best I had in the city.


2)     AU PETIT CHAUVIGNOL – 843 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Grilled cheese ($8) with Quince paste on the side, made with their special cheesy mixture that they use in their Mac & Cheese, it was a secret blend I was told. This version of the grilled cheese was not on their printed menu, if you would like it they will make it for you upon request, ask for Joe! This was a tasty gourmet grilled cheese !


3)     SALT TASTING ROOM – 45 Blood Alley, Vancouver

Grilled Cheese ($12) came with a fennel salad and black bean soup. This grilled cheese was like none other that I have ever had, a selection of artisan cheeses, Guinness grainy mustard and some other secret sauce and grilled to perfection.


4)     BURGOO – 3096 Main Street, Vancouver and 2 other locations

Gooey Cheese Grillers ($12) two grilled angle cut filone sandwiches with melted Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal and White Cheddar with a side of harvested greens (you can get it with salad or soup).


5)     POURHOUSE – 162 Water Street, Vancouver

Crispy Cheese ($10) a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of house roasted tomato soup which was delicious.


6)     DEACON’S CORNER – 101 Main Street, Vancouver

Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($7.25) grilled with swiss, cheddar and jack cheese with tomato garnish and a side salad (you could get fries or side salad).


By: Richard Wolak

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