1842 Lonsdale Ave, North Van

Tel: (604) 971-2475


Instagram @chopandcheww

Advice: Walk-ins welcome.

Located in the heart of the Lonsdale neighbourhood, this eatery specializes in comfort food and is loved by the community around them. They offer up a large selection of cocktails along with beer and wine. Sausages are their specialty and they have a whole bunch of different dishes dedicated to various sausages from chicken, beef, pork and even elk. The menu is filled with their Classics from mac & cheese to burgers to poutine and more.

I enjoyed the delicious Mushroom Wings and a house-made marinara sauce. Their coffee rubbed pulled pork is smoked for 12 hours and I have had this as part of their Poutine, but you can also add some to the Mac & Cheese or other dishes too. The Grilled Chicken Lime Sausage from local supplier Oyama Sausage was very good. I have also had their Sausage Style Burger that’s served with a mound of their crispy fries.

Every 2nd Tuesday night they now feature Comedy Nights, and they offer other features from time to time as well. This is a great spot to also enjoy one of the games on the tv on your own or with friends.

Review by: Richard Wolak