Around Vancouver in the Polestar 2

I recently spent a week test driving the Polestar 2 electric car around Vancouver while visiting some restaurants. This was a great car to drive knowing I could get around the city with approx 435 km battery range to explore without worrying about high gas costs.

Headed downtown to the Westend for lunch at Pizza Maru and had the Bulgogi Pizza that’s made with a proprietary green tea dough that features 10 natural grains. This Korean chain was founded in 1996 in Korea and since expanded globally; their first and only location is now in Vancouver at 1471 Robson Street. @pizzamaru_vancouver

The next day as I was wanting Salmon for dinner I headed to one of my favourite spots, the Go Fish seafood shack at Fisherman’s Wharf and had a Grilled Salmon Burger.

The top three things that I learned about this car: 1) you can press park, open the drivers door, the driver gets out and the car stops automatically 2) there is a Frunk and now I know the Frunk is the front of the car, and there’s a lever on the inside of the car you open the lever and then you can open the front trunk there’s a spare charger cables in there but if you want to store something in there that’s a great spot to do because nobody can get in; 3) the front current computer screen controls everything in the car and there is a way of turning down or increasing the volume of the radio when I learned that had the go through the panel for that.

As I hadn’t driven a full electric car in the past, this was something I had to learn to do with the Polestar car; the fast charger is the way to go but there aren’t that many standalone fast chargers available in Vancouver yet. I got the Plugshare app and did my research finding a great charging station on 44th and Fraser and this is where I charged the car the night before drivng to Maple Ridge.

I took a drive out to Maple Ridge to visit my friend Jason and then have dinner together at Ban Chok Dee Thai. We had some of my favourite dishes as this was Jason’s first visit.

We started off with their refreshing Thai Iced Tea and then enjoyed some appetizers including my favourite Tom Kha Gai Soup followed by the Chicken Satay, the Garden rolls and the traditional Som Tum (Papaya Salad).

The Grilled Salmon in green curry is another favourite as is the Power Greens in peanut sauce.

We finished the delicious dinner with the popular Mango and Sticky Rice and their Coconut crème brûlée.

Ban Chok Dee Thai is located at 20395 Lougheed Hwy. #400 in Maple Ridge.

Before heading home to Vancouver, we visited a nearby park for some great sunset photos.

The next day I headed to the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood for lunch to Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions where they now feature Teryiaki plates, bowls and wraps during the weekdays. I had the Teryiaki Chicken Bowl which was the perfect lunch of protein and carbs. The restaurant is located at 67 West 6th Avenue in Vancouver.

In the afternoon I attended a media preview of Oakberry in Kitsilano. I loved the Acai Bowl (you get unlimited toppings from the selection offered) with layers of almond butter, goji berries, strawberries, and PB crumble. Oakberry is located in Kitsilano at 3139 West Broadway. You can follow them on Instagram

The next day I met my friend Morry on Commercial Drive to have an early dinner at Oca Pastificio so that we could both indulge in having the tasting menu where it’s 2 people minimum.

Tasting menu was 7 courses for $70 per person.

1st course: Bresaola with homemade focaccia and the 2nd course: Green salad

3rd course: Rotello filled with four cheeses; this was outstanding and it is their signature pasta dish; and the 4th course: Taglierini with Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce, burrata; it doesn’t get any better than this, so good.

5th course: Spaghetti carbonara; a very rich dish and you will want to savour every bite; and the 6th course: Orchetti with lamb; such a delicious and flavourful dish.

7th course: Almond Semifreddo – caramelized almond “half-frozen dessert” with chocolate shavings

The next day I visited Tall Shadow Bakery which is fairly new located in the East Village neighbourhood (aka Hastings Sunrise), the head pastry chef here is super talented Kiko Nakata and we got a selection of treats (Jalapeno Cornbread was my favourite, we also had a Rye brownie, Onion Bun and a bar) to try along with an iced Cortado. The bakery is located at 2474 E. Hastings in Vancouver.

Afterwards I visited the Pie Shoppe for some of their seasonal pizza with morels and peas and their Raspberry Crumble pie for dessert to go. The restaurant is located at 1875 Powell in Vancouver.

The backseat of the car is both roomy and comfortable; and there are many other great features including the glass dome roof as well as the inside lights.

By: Richard Wolak

Disclosure: Polestar Canada provided me with the 2023 Polestar 2 to test drive, and photograph. As always, all opinions and photos are my own.