1061 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 558-4445


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Advice: No reservations, the restaurant is open daily from late morning through to late night.

With it’s focus on Indian cuisine in a casual environment, diners come in and are seated at either one of the regular tables or one of the larger sharing tables. I love the open kitchen in the front window where you can watch Chef Andy and the other chefs cooking all the dishes before you enter the restaurant. Chef Andy puts his own spin on many of the dishes at this location making for unique and delicious dishes.

Over a couple of visits, I tried several different dishes and have only sampled a small selection of the vast menu.

The Lime Soda is very refreshing on a hot summer day, and the Mango Lassi is another great option any time.

The dishes from the Tandoor are often ones to have as your appetizers before journeying off to the other dishes on the menu. I loved the Lamb Chops Tandoor, one of my favourite dishes here, it is served as a sizzling plate featuring succulent and flavourful lamb.

I also loved Andy’s Fish Tikka which was a very different take on this dish that is baked in the tandoor and it is perfectly cooked and delicious.

Other dishes from the tandoor that I tried include the Afghani Chicken Tandoor; chicken on the bone marinated in a white sauce and spices; as well as Murgh Malai Tikka which came as an order of two large skewers, perfect to share.

Another one of Chef Andy’s special dishes and also one of the most popular on the menu is the Tima Tim Paneer which is delicious, paneer with spices along with a selection of veggies.

The Chicken Korma is made the traditional way and this curry is outstanding, I prefer to have it without the usual butter that is added to the dish, and if you like this nutty sauce without butter you can request that from the server. Peas Pulao is a great addition to accompany any of the curries including this one.

Another tasty dish is their Daal Bombay, which is also known as Daal Makhani, a rich lentil stew cooked with aromatic spices. For those that love lamb, Chef Andy’s Lamb Kebab is worth a try.

Vegetables should be an important part of any dinner and both the Aloo Gobhi which is made of potatoes and a mix of tasty vegetables; as well as the Bhindi do Pyaza which is predominantly made of okra and spices, here it also features a selection of veggies; both are very good.

They also feature a selection of Indian breads and my favourite of the two was the whole wheat Lachha Paratha over the whole wheat Tandoori Roti, however, you may like both.

The dessert offering is currently small and hopefully more desserts are added down the road, I had the traditional Ras Malai.

This is a gem worth your discovery, so head on over to the Westend to explore the menu and enjoy some wonderful dishes.

Review by: Richard Wolak