Experiencing Filipino dishes at Plato Filipino

Take yourself on a culinary journey to the Philippines in downtown New Westminster. I had the pleasure to taste my way through many dishes on the menu at this restaurant. My friend Jason joined me, as he is Filipino, he provided the knowledge behind the dishes.

1st dish:

The Sizzling beef stew with tomato sauce, served on a hot plate with red and green peppers and other vegetables; this was one of my favourite dishes.

2nd dish:

Eggplant Omelette, such a unique dish and again another favourite, the eggplant was so tender.

3rd dish:

Squash and string beans with coconut sauce, topped with shrimp, a very tasty dish,

4th dish:

Crispy milk fish, this is a type of fish from the Philippines that I hadn’t tasted before and this was a dish that I loved, it was deboned before frying. Normally it is covered with salted egg, I had that on the side.

5th dish:

Lumpia, a traditional Filipino dish filled with pork.

6th dish:

Jackfruit in coconut milk, topped with shrimp

7th dish:

Mackerel in coconut milk, here you get the whole Mackerel and it has many bones.

8th dish:

Chicken and pork adobo, this is the most popular dish in Philippine culture, here it is topped with quail eggs.

9th dish:

Pancit – a popular dish with noodles and meat.

Known in the Philippines as Canteen style, this restaurant serves up quick meals to go as well as a La carte plated dishes for dine-in.

Plato Filipino is located at 892 Carnarvon St #100 in downtown New Westminster. Follow them on Instagram @Platofilipino

By: Richard Wolak

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