Pacific Plates Dinner Series at 75 West Coast Grill

Pacific Plates is a new monthly dinner series that celebrates The Tastes & Traditions of Richmond, presented by 75 West Coast Grill at Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel.

Executive Chef Michael Gonzales

I had a chance to attend a media preview to taste through this wonderful experience.  The evening will feature a 5-course specially curated menu with dishes inspired by their hotel associates and their immigration stories. The first dinner event in this series will be held on Thursday November 24.   Executive Chef Michael Gonzales will take your taste buds on a tantalizing tour of the city’s diverse and unique flavours. Each of the five courses represents one of the prominent cuisines of Richmond: Taiwanese, Hainanese, Japanese, Filipino and Indian.

The dinner began featuring a couple of courses which was actually considered the first and it was Taiwanese.

Bubble tea flight watermelon slush, honeydew & cantaloupe, pandan & coconut; my favourite was the Pandan and Coconut.

Coffin bread (milk bread) with seafood chowder & cheese gratin, chives; and I loved this dish.

The 2nd course was the tasty Ginger soy chicken with pickled carrot & daikon, spiced peanut, ginger & garlic sauce & sweet chili

The 3rd course: Build your own Sushi cones and this was a fun and interactive dish – California cone & spicy tuna cone

The 4th course: Kamayan feast and this is a Filipino experience like none other with roast pork belly lechon, garlic rice, assorted meats and seafood, dipping sauces and condiments, served on a banana leaf

The 5th course: Mango custard falooda, this Indian dessert featured fresh mango, berries, almonds & pistachio, vanilla gelato.

I loved learning the various immigration stories from the staff members, many of which who have been working at the hotel for over 15 years. Here they showcased each of their dishes from their homeland offering you the guest to come and enjoy the experience as well.

By: Richard Wolak

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