Experiencing Bajas Food Mexican Takeout

Bajas Food specializes in Mexican cuisine with a Baja’s twist. Order for pickup or on Ubereats & DoorDash for delivery.

Lawrence joined me for this wonderful meal eating at home and this is what we tried.

1st dish:

Pozole Rojo

Pork stew with hominy corn spiced with huajillo chiles, oregano and onions; delicious and hearty.

Packaged in 1 liter container, and with lettuce, diced onion, radish, lime and a hint of oregano on the side.

2nd dish:


Corn-based masa/dough wrapped around a filling and steamed in a corn husk (each about 120 grams). Personally my favourite was the chicken with mole tamales.

Pork in green tomatillo sauce

Pork in Green Sauce (Very Mild), filled with shredded pork carnitas in a green chili sauce.

Chicken de mole

Chicken in Mole sauce, (Mole is a rich, savoury-sweet sauce created from dried chilies, seeds and chocolate, it could be considered as a Mexican version of Curry)

3rd dish:

Frijoles puercos/piggy beans  — Frijoles Puercos are made with refried pinto beans, jalapeños, bacon and chorizo

4th dish:

Beef Tacos – flour tortillas topped with spanish rice, beef, salsa and guacamole.

5th dish:


Pan Dulce and/or Sweet Bread. This delicious Mexican bread is made of a fluffy, butter brioche-like dough topped with a streusel topping that is scored like a #Concha (Shell in Spanish)

Box of 4 choose either:

Half and Half (vanilla and chocolate)

6th dish:

Tres leches cake

This soft ultra-light sponge cake is soaked in a sweet milk mixture and topped with freshly made whipped cream; my favourite of the two desserts.

7th dish:

Arroz Con Leche 🐮 Mexican Rice Pudding

A sweet rice pudding cooked with milk, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and topped with cinnamon.

Bajas Food can be ordered by visiting their website or see the details on their instagram @bajasfoodcom

By: Richard Wolak

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