First Taste of Nene Chicken

The first North American location for this South Korean chain has just opened in Vancouver. The Canadian franchise rights are owned by Caleb Lee and this is his first location, the second location will soon follow in downtown Vancouver, more locations are then planned in areas outside of Vancouver such as Burnaby or Coquitlam.

The menu features a choice of Classic (bone-in) or Boneless fried chicken showcasing seven varieties of fried chicken flavours including Original, Swicy (sweet and spicy), Freaking Hot, Snowing Cheese, Snowing Chilli, Soy Garlic, and Green Onion Chicken in both original and garlic varieties.

They also feature an all-wings box (10 pieces) as well as a drumstick box (6 pieces).

Additionally, this Vancouver location is featuring five different chicken burgers unique to the Canadian restaurant locations. Sides include Shack-Shack fries complete with shake-it-yourself cheese powder, onion rings, fries, pickled radish, coleslaw, and bottled sodas and teas.

This restaurant chain was founded in 1999 with locations in Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Korea. The Vancouver location is their first in Canada and North America respectively. They are known for serving up chicken made with its secret battered dipping process that keeps the chicken juicy and the batter crispy.

Classic Takeout box with Swicy and Snowing Cheese
Classic takeout box with snowing chili and soy garlic
Shack Shack Fries
Regular fries

I have tried a selection of the varieties of chicken including my favourite Soy Garlic, Snowing Cheese, Swicy and Snowing Chili. I have also tried their Shack-Shack fries, regular fries, coleslaw and daikon. They offer a special type of takeout box which allows the chicken to remain crispy not soggy. The first combo box above is the Whole Chicken Korean Fried Chicken classic combo takeout box this is a half half box with the Snowing Cheese and the Swicy flavours along with a side of coleslaw and fries, a bottle of cold green tea, also comes with daikon, handy finger gloves and wet wipes.

Nene Chicken is located at 1070 Kingsway in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak

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