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Specializing in Indian Street food, owners, Anant and Tushar have created a menu featuring an array of curries, bowls and flavourful sides at this food truck that is dedicated to serving these Indian inspired dishes.

I started off with a cup of their hot Chai which was tasty and perfect for the cool windy day.

I loved the Bun Samosa with a crispy samosa, smashed in a pav bun dressed with mint, tamarind chutney and our kachumber slaw. I also loved the Chicken rice bowl with chickpeas and 3 sauces (butter sauce, korma and spinach curry). Sev Puri is a tasty cold appetizer with crispy wheat crackers topped with potatoes, onions, and a trio of mint, tamarind and garlic chutneys, finished with crispy split-chickpea vermicelli bits.

The Royal Whitecaps Curry was the star dish and my favourite with a delicious plant-based creamy sauce on the plate that features their chana kebab, tandoori spiced veggies, and delicious @plantbasefood Mixed Ground Meatz. The layers of complexity through flavors such as cardamom and caraway, followed by green chili, cloves, star anise, and mace with a peppery finish. It was also part of my Vancouver Curry Challenge.

Keep your eye out for this food truck for tasty Indian flavours around the city.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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