New Menu, New Chef, New Ownership at Little Mexico Cantina

The Steveston Mexican restaurant changed ownership a few months ago, it is now owned by experienced restaurateur Scotty Olak. The menu is under the direction of Chef Chris Andraza (formerly at Fanny Bay Oysters and Rodney’s Oysters); he leads the kitchen along with Chef Bruno Prada.

Over a couple of visits recently I have tasted my way through much of the menu.

1st dish:

Alita de Apollo (chicken wings) in a spicy chipotle sauce, the sizzling dish arrived to the table, tasty wings with some heat.

2nd dish:

Poppin Jalapeños- cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapeños, sautéed peppers and onions, a tasty appy.

3rd dish:

Queso Fundido

Melted cheese, chorizo, mixed mushroom served with chips, a great appetizer for sharing.

4th dish:

Coco Prawns with citrus habanero sauce, made from locally sourced prawns served with citrus habanero sauce. Loved the citrus notes that brightened up this dish.

5th dish:

Birria Tacos (order of 3) braised beef with onion, cilantro and a beef jus for dipping; these were delicious with dip in jus.

6th dish:

Mushroom Tostada topped with roasted local mushrooms, onions, blended cheese, cilantro and chipotle mayo; loved the crunch of the tostadas with the mixed mushrooms on top.

7th dish:

Gobernado Tostada with prawns, peppers, onions, pickled cabbage, chipotle mayo, cilantro; loved the flavours of the prawns, peppers and onions together.

8th dish:

Tinga de pollo tacos with pulled chicken, chipotle mayo, onion and cilantro

9th dish:

Fish Tacos with pan-seared fish, pico de Gallo, chipotle mayo, pickled cabbage; healthy being pan-seared over deep fried.

10th dish

Chorizo tacos with sweet corn, onion, roja, queso fresco

11th dish:

Quesadilla with pulled chicken, cheese, caramelized onions, peppers with Guacamole and sour cream

12th dish:

Enchiladas – Corn tortilla filled with shredded chicken, your choices of sauce and topped with house blend cheese, served with rice and bean; with half Salsa Roja/ Salsa Verde sauces; this dish had heat from the salsas.

13th dish:      

Spanish Rice

14th dish:

Black Beans

15th dish:

Sticky toffee pudding and ice cream

Little Mexico Cantina is located at 3131 Chatham St #150 in Richmond. Call them at (604) 272-5123, and follow on instagram @littlemexicocantina 

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.

By: Richard Wolak

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