Experiencing Mexican Dishes at Guacamole Mexican Grill

Take yourself on a culinary journey to Mexico and El Salvador out in Surrey. I had the pleasure to taste my way through many dishes on the menu at this restaurant that opened in early 2020. Owned by husband and wife, Marvin and Rosa who are from El Salvador and their restaurant offers dine-in, takeout and delivery.

Lawrence joined me for this wonderful meal and this is what we tried.

1st dish:

Pupusas stuffed corn tortillas, handcrafted and grilled with a selection of stuffings that includes the (cheese and loroco which is from El Salvador), (cheese and chorizo), (Cheese and pollo), and (mixta); comes with pickled cabbage and salsa. This is a Salvadoran speciality that is hard to find around our area; they have done a great job, perfection.

2nd dish:

Tacos with salsa, we had the delicious steak Asado, chorizo, al Pastor, and beef birria.

3rd dish:

Chiles Rillenos – poblano chili stuffed with cheese rolled in an egg batter then grilled til golden brown, served with rice and refried beans. This is a Mexican specialty and it is delicious.

4th dish:

Enchiladas – corn tortillas stuffed with beef and topped with their delicious rich mole, served with rice and refried beans.

5th dish:

Pollo Mole – marinated grilled chicken topped with their delicious mole, served with rice and refried beans.

6th dish:

Triangle tortilla layered with chicken, rice and cheese then grilled, almost like a burrito but not a burrito.

7th dish:

Flan with caramel, dense and delicious

8th dish:

Tres Leches – 3 milk cake, yum

I loved all the different dishes especially the mole enchiladas, chiles rillenos and the pupusas; all of which I would order again and again.

Guacamole Mexican Grill is located at 13646 Grosvenor Rd in Surrey. Open for lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am – 8pm. Follow them on Instagram @guacmexgrill

By: Richard Wolak

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