Patio Dining at Nuba

In this ongoing series I will be featuring all sorts of patio dining experiences from small restaurants with one table on their patio, to large restaurants with multiple tables on the patio, to hidden patios, and ones with unique patio configurations that have been created during the covid19 pandemic.

Here is one of the patio dining meals that I have experienced recently.

Patio Dining at Nuba

Enjoyed a delicious dinner on the outside patio yesterday sharing a selection of vegan and meat dishes with Lawrence. This restaurant features a newly built open-air patio in front of the restaurant with several picnic tables that are distanced and offer a couple covered by umbrellas. Love the bright pink tables and green accents of the barriers and perfect to seat 2-4 people at each of the tables.

We both enjoyed some refreshing beverages to start, I had a Carrot, ginger and lime juice while Lawrence had a Tangerine Kombucha.

La Feast – A two-course vegetarian mezze sampler for 2 (you can get it for 1 person as well) including hummus, baba ghanooj, olives, pickles, feta, fattoush salad, Najib’s special, falafel, mjadra, vegan stew, macedonian feta, and marinated olives.

Halloumi Cheese Mezze -Traditional Middle Eastern cheese, seared and served with fresh tomato, pomegranate dressing, mixed nuts and fresh mint. Love the flavours of this dish and it’s a must to order to share when dining with a friend.

Lamb Hushwie – Sautéed lamb with onions, pine nuts and spices. Served with hummus and avocado with half rice and potatoes (you have the option to order it with all rice or potatoes).

Saffron Chicken – Fraser Valley half chicken grilled with a tasty saffron yoghurt marinade, served with za’atar roasted seasonal vegetables.

Cookies & Cream -plant-based and delicious, yummy cookies with chocolate chips on the inside, served with non-dairy ice cream.

Coconut Rice Pudding – plant-based made with coconut milk

Nuba Mount Pleasant is located at 146 East 3rd in Vancouver.


Call 604.568.6727

follow them on instagram @nubatown

Stay tuned for the next feature in my Patio series.

By: Richard Wolak

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