Takeout at Bombay Kitchen and Bar

Most restaurants have always offered takeout, as the industry was forced to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dining in became dining out. When restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms they had to get creative. Some have created special meal kits others have created take condensed take-out menus and others have offered their regular menu with discounts for pick up and such.

I had to switch my almost nightly eating out in restaurants to eating takeout at home. One way of keeping your favourite restaurants in business is to purchase takeout meals now. Whether you had been dining out nightly or once a week, you can do the same from home. This is one of the ways to keep the restaurants, cafes and bakeries and such going along with their suppliers and their staff.

Here is one of the restaurants takeout offerings that I have experienced recently.

Takeout at Bombay Kitchen and Bar

Enjoyed a tasty Indian Feast to share at home with some of my favourite dishes along with some new ones.

CHAAT PAPRI – Indian wafer with potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and various chutneys

MOGO Casava roots with our hot and tangy home-made sauce

GARLIC TANDOORI FISH – g – Alaskan cod marinated with garlic and thyme

CHICKEN TIKKA – Chicken breast marinated with exotic spices and clay oven baked

KUKU PAKA – g – Coconut chicken. Boneless breast simmered in coconut milk, coriander, ginger and lemon

LAMB ROGAN JOSH – g – Intensely warm and fragrant curry. A specialty of Kashmir.

EGGPLANT BARTHA – roasted eggplant with tomato and ginger

BHINDI – baby okra tossed with onion and fresh tomatoes in masala curry



TANDOORI ROTI – v -wheat flat bread

LACHEDAR PARATHA multi-layered bread garnished with ghee(butter)

MANGO CHUTNEY Sweet & Tangy chutney made with real mangoes


RAS MALAI Cheese patties soaked in sweet milk with mixed nuts and syrup

GULAB JAMUN pastry balls deep fried and served in syrup

They are offering their regular menu for lunch and dinner ordering daily for Takeout or Delivery by ordering from their website; or you can order delivery through Doordash, Skip the Dishes, Fantuan and Uber Eats.

Bombay Kitchen and Bar

1018 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel:(604) 336-1111

Web: http://bombaykitchenbar.com/

Instagram @bombaykitchenandbar

Stay tuned for the next feature in my Takeout series.

By: Richard Wolak

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