Learning more about Proud Mary Coffee in Portland

Richard Wolak (aka Vanfoodster) on left; and (Nolan Hirte, founder of Proud Mary Coffee) on right

On my recent trip back to Portland a couple of weeks ago, I re-visited Nolan Hirte, the founder of Proud Mary Coffee of Melbourne, Australia as well as Portland, Or. His vast knowledge of coffee makes talking with him always interesting. It’s as if he his a step ahead on this ever changing coffee journey.

Snap Chill

During my visit we talked about coffee roasting, the coffee farms, flavour profiles and so much more. We also talked about how cold brew coffee isn’t good for us and the process in which it’s made, they used to offer cold brew on their menu and no longer do. He told me about the new Snap Chill process which offers up a cleaner cold coffee with nitro on the very end, Nolan says this is the future as it uses Anaerobic fermentation (no oxygen used).

Costa Rica, Finca Cordillera del Fuego – pourover

Costa Rica, Finca Cordillera del Fuego

I also had a taste of the same Costa Rica, Finca Cordillera del Fuego as a pourover to see how the flavour profile tastes between the hot and cold coffees.

Cherries on cherries shrub

Peaches and pearls iced tea

I also tried a couple of their other cold beverages which we quite refreshing. The Cherries on cherries shrub made of cascara (dried coffee flesh) and cherries; and the Peaches and pearls iced tea made of jasmine pearl tea with infused peaches.

They opened their first café and roastery outside of Australia in September 2017 in the Alberta district in Portland, Oregon. Nolan started up his coffee roasting business in Melbourne, Australia, watch for more from this amazing company as they potentially open in other cities around the globe in the hopefully not to distant future.

Proud Mary Coffee is located at 2012 NE Alberta St in Portland, you can follow them on Instagram @proudmaryusa

By: Richard Wolak

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