Greasy Spoon Dinner with a Collaboration of Chefs

I recently attended an incredible dinner on January 14th at Save On Meats, featured Chefs Mark Brand (Save on Meats and Better Life Foundation), Mark Singson (Top Chef Canada), Letitia Wan (Di Beppe) and Sean Murray (Pan Pacific Hotel) together, cooking dishes for this one of a kind dinner.

The Greasy Spoon Diner is truly one of a kind. It pairs the best local and national chefs with Save On Meats to create a monthly four-course dining experience where they create usually create four courses inspired by diner food, this time around it was a 5 course dinner. This was one very creative meal by four creative chefs who knows how to knock it out of the park with flavours and dish presentation. This time around I opted out of the drink pairings and had a Cranberry Soda.

1st course:

Corn dog

Corn dog – duck, preserves cherry mostarda by Chef Sean Murray

2nd course:

Wedge Salad

Wedge Salad – Butternut squash, cranberry-miso, Golden Ears Neufchâtel cheese, hazelnuts & tarragon by Chef Sean Murray, one of my favourite dishes of the night, colourful, flavourful.

3rd course:

Roast Coho Salmon

Roast Coho Salmon – potato skin cream, mirepoix vegetables by Chef Mark Singson, such a creative and tasty dish.

4th course:

Ragu of braised pork shoulder

Ragu of braised pork shoulder – Chocolate & buttered rusticella fettuccine by Chef Letitia Wan was delicious.

5th course:

Hawaiian Sundae

Hawaiian Sundae – Pineapple, vanilla ice cream, mozzarella sabayon, fried pizza dough, candied Canadian bacon by Chef Mark Brand and his chefs crew Kris Barnnholden and Kadie Ann.

Chef Mark Brand

This time around they also featured some live musicians who sang a couple of songs entertaining the guests; and to round off the night Chef Mark Brand took to the floor to thank everyone for coming.

The Greasy Spoon Diner series was created by Mark Brand owner of Save on Meats as a way to raise money to help to fund the thousands of meals A Better Life Foundation puts out into our community for people who may not eat otherwise… every. singe. day.

If you haven’t already been to one of these dinners in the past, then I urge you to give it a try, enjoy some delicious food and drink, watch for your favorite chef or the ideal date, for details and dates go to

By: Richard Wolak

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