Interview with Sam Pero

Sam Pero

I had a chat with Sam Pero who owns the Italia Bakery and the Cannoli King, located in the East Village neighborhood in Vancouver.

Tell me how you got involved with your bakery

I got involved in the bakery business about 16 years ago, I started as a kid and then left it to pursue a career in the automotive industry after a back injury I decided to get back into the bakery and help out my family.

What kinds of products did you start off with then, have things changed in the industry?

Things have changed drastically in this industry, with the gluten free and vegan, we have had to adjust, people aren’t wanting the same old school items they had wanted in the past.


What would be new these days?

More of a fine pastry or a shareable, in the past the orders of dozens and dozens of pastries aren’t a thing these days.

For Italia Bakery, is there a staple or two that is still selling well?

Our biscotti are still going after 38 years in our bakery along with the Tarelli, Italian Breadsticks, these are mandatory staples in our bakery.

If there is something you wanted to add to the bakery that you haven’t done yet, what would that be?


Italia Bakery and Cannoli King are located at 2828 E Hastings St, in Vancouver and can be reached by phone at (604) 251-6800 as well you can follow each on instagram @italiabakery and @cannolikingvancouver

Stay tuned for the next chef in the The Baker series.

By: Richard Wolak

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