Chef Mark Singson at The Greasy Spoon Diner

Chef Mark Singson

I recently attended an incredible dinner at Save On Meats, it was Monday January 23rd and talented Chef Mark Singson was showcased in this 23rd dinner in this series of Greasy Spoon dinners. The Greasy Spoon Diner is truly one of a kind. It pairs the best local and national chefs with Save On Meats to create a monthly four-course dining experience where they create four courses inspired by diner food. This was one very creative meal by a very creative chef who knows how to knock it out of the park with flavours and dish presentation.

1st course:

Som Inspired Burger

Som Inspired Burger with beef carpaccio, toasted burger bun, charcoal mayonnaise, bacon tomato dressing, ice burg, such a creative dish.

1st course drink pairing was the Peresephone Black Lager

2nd course:

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken without the chicken! Poached egg, potato, herbs, popcorn, chicken skin, and a delcious jus, bay leaf foam.

Diner Boulevardier

2nd course drink pairing is the Diner Boulevardier with bourbon, rosso, Campari & root beer- loved this spirit forward drink.

3rd course:

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips with split tar tar sauce, roasted cabbage, doll, lemon gel, potato two ways, a work of art, edible that is.

Gin + Soda

3rd course drink pairing was a Gin + Soda with Bombay Sapphire & cucumber infused syrup.

4th course:


Apple with vanilla ice cream, poached apples, cinnamon pork puff, brown sugar, a heart warming dessert.

El Salvadoran Horchata Punch

4th course drink paring was a delicious El Salvadoran Horchata Punch with horchata de moro, sailor Jerry, milk, vanilla chai bitters.

The Greasy Spoon Diner series was created by Mark Brand owner of Save on Meats as a way to raise money to help to fund the thousands of meals A Better Life Foundation puts out into our community for people who may not eat otherwise… every. singe. day.

If you haven’t already been to one of these dinners in the past, then I urge you to give it a try, enjoy some delicious food and drink, watch for your favorite chef or the ideal date, for details and dates go to

By: Richard Wolak

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