Experiencing the Ocean Wise Menu at The Dolar Shop Hotpot

This hot pot restaurant is the first in Canada to partner with Ocean Wise, an organization committed to promoting sustainable seafood.

I attended an incredible dinner recently to experience The Dolar Shop hot pot for the first time as well as learn about the seafood they are serving which is all Oceanwise certified. Recently, the restaurant’s owner Lucy Liu gathered with representatives from Ocean Wise and the restaurant’s fish supplier Ocean Mama Seafood to announce they’ve committed to using sustainably harvested seafood.

The seafood box that was served to each table was impressive with Clams, mussels, oysters and shrimp sitting on a bed of crushed ice before we cooked them in boiling-hot broth. My table mates were Ocean Wise Executive Chef Ned Bell along with some Ocean Wise staff, I had a chance to learn more from them about the seafood that is Ocean Wise certified and how this important factor plays into the restaurants who purchase the seafood and how they educated their customers.

Sauces bar

Condiments bar

My hotpot bowl

Handmade noodles

Complimentary snacks in the lobby

At the Dolar Shop each person gets there own hot pot station where you cook your own, you get a choice of broth, I had the Chinese Herbal Chicken Broth, then you order whichever meats and seafood you want; as well as add in vegetables, noodles. You get complimentary sauces from the sauce bar as well as condiments and those are unlimited. They even offer a variety of snacks in the lobby while you wait to be seated.

The company is based in China and this is their first Canadian restaurant location, 3 more set to open in the Vancouver area over the next few years.

The Dolar Shop Hotpot is located at 5300 No 3 Rd, Richmond inside Lansdowne Mall, you can phone them at 604-370-7077.

By: Richard Wolak

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