Bacio Rosso Dinner Theatre at Queen Elizabeth Park

A one of a kind dinner theatrical experience has come to Vancouver for the holiday season which will now continue on through early 2019. I had a chance to enjoy one of their performances last month under the big tent which is located inside Queen Elizabeth Park.  It’s a gourmet cirque, and it is Canada’s first Gourmet Cabaret Cirque production that features non-stop entertainment paired with a delicious 4 course Italian meal.

Traditionally, each Spiegeltent is given its own name. The Bacio Rosso Spiegeltent in Queen Elizabeth Park is named Magic Cristal. It was built in the old tradition with antique bar, wooden floor and benches and the glow of red and gold from the faceted mirrors and warm fabrics. Installation was supervised by Rik Klessens and his specialized team from Belgium and the US, and took three days to complete. Bacio Rosso’s Magic Cristal Spiegeltent has the capacity for 350 dinner guests.

Welcome to Bacio Rosso in the Magic Cristal Spiegeltent in Queen Elizabeth Park. Rich in history and infused with celebration after celebration, this is the place to be for fun, laughter and spectacle.

The 4 course dinner is served throughout the production/night –over seen by Chef Adam Pegg of La Quercia, it is quite a fete for a chefs team of his calibre to ramp up to serving a packed house each night. It is a team effort here which is evident and you have to give it to the servers who manage to keep the dishes warm while they briskly serve each guest, course after course. At the time of purchasing your tickets you will be presented to order from a selection of main dishes, my advise is to choose the Beef, that is the dish I had and it is simply the best option, that is unless you are vegetarian and in that case you would likely choose the vegetarian option.

I won’t spoil the surprise as to what the other dishes are on the menu, so that you have something to look forward to when you head out to enjoy this spectacular show.

You can find tickets here

By: Richard Wolak

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