New Dishes, New Chef at Juniper

It has been over 1-1/2 years since my last visit, with new Executive Chef Warren Chow leading the kitchen, I visited recently with my friend and podcast co-host Zahra Alani to try several dishes from their new menu.

1st dish:


Gratin with roasted cauliflower cashew cheese sauce and crispy Brussels, loved this plant-based dish which was full of flavours.

2nd dish:

Bison ravioli

Bison ravioli in a rich cream sauce

3rd dish:

Greens with grilled beets

Greens with grilled beets with farmhouse cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and pickled beet stems, roots, an outstanding salad.

4th dish:

Potato gnocchi

Potato gnocchi, caramelized carrot purèe, sautéed mushrooms, braised kale, a very good vegan dish that you wouldn’t have guessed was vegan.

5th dish:

Seared organic sablefish

Seared organic sablefish, chickpeas, compressed turnips, pea broth, loved it, a great way to celebrate spring.

6th dish:

Bison bavette steak & fries

Bison bavette steak & fries, sauteed bc mushrooms, wilted greens, spruce, a delicious dish with all of the elements.

7th dish:

Earl Grey Creme Brulee

Earl Grey Creme Brulee, absolutely divine.

8th dish:

Chocolate garden

Chocolate garden – devil’s cake, chocolate mousse, matcha mousse, roasted banana purée. nothing like a couple of creative chefs to plant a garden, in this case it was about creating an edible garden.

Juniper is located at 185 Keefer Street in Chinatown. You can call them at 604-681-1695 and follow them on Twitter @eatatjuniper

By: Richard Wolak

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