New Dishes Tasting at Cactus Club Cafe

Chef Cory Vitiello is the Cactus Club Director of Culinary Development, some of his newly created dishes were featured along with some of Chef Rob Feenie’s new dishes at a dinner recently. Sommelier Sebastien Le Goff paired some incredible wines to go with these dishes at the Cactus Club’s Coal Harbour restaurant.

1st dish:

Baja Ceviche

Baja Ceviche with prawn, papaya, lime, coconut, avocado, red onion, chillies, crispy taro root.

Paired with the J-M seleque ‘solessence’ Brut Rose MV, Champagne, France

2nd dish:

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with marinated Ocean Wise ahi, sushi rice, edamame, avocado, cucumber, kale gomae, ginger, tahini miso dressing, crispy tempura, beautiful flavours with top notch ingredients.

Paired with Hubert Brochard Sancere 2016, Campania, Italy

3rd dish:

Lobster & Prawn Midnight Cavetelli

Lobster & Prawn Midnight Cavetelli with Ocean Wise Canadian lobster, prawns, hand rolled squid ink cavatelli, pistachio green chili pesto, lobster reduction; one of my favourite dishes of the tasting, can’t wait to try it again when it has been added to the menu over the next few months.

Paired with Masseria Frattasi Taburno Falanghina 2015, Campagnia, Italy

4th dish:

Chicken Duo

Chicken Duo roasted chicken breast and confit, orecchiette, broccolini, kale, roasted tomato, red wine jus; an incredible dish and my favourite pairing of the night’s tasting.

Paired with the Bindi ‘Dixon’ Pinot Noir 2015, Victoria, Australia

5th dish:

Two Rivers Rib Eye

Two Rivers Rib Eye with shimiji and oyster mushrooms, peppercorn sauce (the regular size dish features the whole steak sliced for sharing with the table).

Paired with Les Halos de Jupiter Adrastee, Chateaunef-du-pape 2012, Rhone, France

6th dish:

Valhrona Brownie Sundae

Valhrona Brownie Sundae with salted caramel ice cream, toasted almonds and warm chocolate sauce; you pour the chocolate sauce on top of the sundae, this is a very creative dessert by pastry Chef Wendy Boys, it was also my favourite of the two desserts that I tried that night.

7th dish:

Roasted Apple Tart

Roasted Apple Tart with almond pecan streusel, salted butter caramel, vanilla ice cream; another delicious dessert from pastry Chef Wendy Boys.

Keep an eye out for these dishes as they make their way onto the various locations Cactus Club Restaurant menus around Vancouver as well as across Canada between now and Spring 2018.

By: Richard Wolak

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