The Art of Plant-Based Cheese Making Book Launch

Karen McAthy

I recently attended the book launch party at Cook Culture North Vancouver for The Art of Plant-Based Cheese Making.

Karen McAthy is founder and head cheesemaker at Blue Heron Creamery, which makes cultured, plant-based cheeses for restaurants, retail outlets, and private customers. She wrote a beautiful book that about plant-based cheesemaking which draws deep from the well of experience, The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking is a clear, highly practical guide that extends traditional cheesemaking methods into the realm of plant-based media as a substitute for dairy.

Hoochy Booch kombucha and bites

Blue Heron Creamery

Guests mingled and had a chance to enjoy Hoochy Booch kombucha along with a selection of wines, and enjoy some tasty plant-based bites along with a selection of the Heron Creamery cheeses.

Coverage of the book includes: Understanding culturing and fermentation, Essential ingredients and equipment for crafting plant-based cheese, Plant and nut-based media and how to make them, How to create and train plant-based cultures. Delicious recipes for quick cheeses, Advanced recipes for cultured and aged cheeses, Resources for sourcing equipment and cultures.

You can purchase The Art of Plant-Based Cheese Making at Cook Culture as well as at bookstores throughout North America as well as online.

By: Richard Wolak

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