High Tea Service at Echo Café

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Presented with a selection of teas for my choosing was the beginning of my afternoon tea experience.

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I chose the Earl Grey Crème Tea which was one of the selections my server suggested.

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After my selection of tea was served, I then indulged with a selection of house-made savouries and sweets served on a three-tiered platter.

Bottom plate

Bottom plate

Bottom plate — Pesto chicken on focaccia, Roasted turkey on fresh baked croissant, egg salad with organic greens, fill cream cheese and cucumber.

Middle plate

Middle plate

Middle plate — cheese & green onion scones, cranberry scones and Tonato spinach & feta quiche.

Top plate

Top plate

Top plate — Fresh fruit tarts, Macarons, mini cheesecakes and chocolate dipped strawberries.

My thoughts – From the assortment of savouries on the bottom plate, I loved the Pesto chicken on focaccia, and Roasted turkey on fresh baked croissant the best; the Tomato spinach & feta quiche and the Cranberry scones were my favourites from the middle plate. From the sweets on the top tier my favourites were Macarons, and mini cheesecakes followed by the chocolate dipped strawberries.

This High Tea service runs every Saturday and Sunday and is $18 per person (minimum 1 person). Make your reservations at least 1 day in advance by calling them at 604-971 3246. Echo Café is located at 116 E 14 Street in North Vancouver, you can follow them on Twitter @EchoCafe_NVan

By: Richard Wolak

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