Chocolate Arts Holiday Preview

I sat down with head chocolatier Greg Hook to learn preview their holiday collection for this years season. From bite-sized stocking stuffers to show-stopping centerpieces, Greg Hook and his team employ their signature combination of artisanal techniques, attention to detail and playful creativity, to bring you this sweet and spirited holiday collection.



You’ll find an elegant Brownie Bouche, this impressive edifice features 48 chocolate-enrobed brownie bites affixed to a cone of dark chocolate and topped with a festive gold star. Similarly you will appreciate the ‘Tannenbaum’, a festive green chocolate tree stuffed with 18 crunchy delicious ‘Shorties’ and surrounded by 12 assorted truffles.


Sold in sets of three, silly-looking Mallow Penguins conceal house-made mint marshmallow under their glossy tuxedoed chocolate shells while a jocular top-hatted and bow-tied Pingoo Jr. penguin hides six seasonal wafers in his potbelly. Rudy also makes an appearance this season, standing nearly one foot high and crafted entirely out of semi-solid dark chocolate, red nose prominently on display.

Chocolate Arts is located at 1620 W 3rd Ave in Vancouver and is open daily, you can also follow them on twitter @ChocArts

By: Richard Wolak

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