Juicing it Up with The Juice Box

The Juice Box company is the most recent newcomer to the Juice scene in Vancouver, they don’t have a truck or a storefront, instead they produce their juice in a local commissary and deliver to customers all over the city as well sell their juices through a growing list of Yoga studios who embody similar philosophies as the owners.

I had the opportunity to try a selection of their juices, first of all I loved the packaging, each of the juices comes in a nifty glass bottle, secondly the juices are all 100% organic cold-pressed raw juices which they say lasts 4-5 days. My favourite juices out of the four that I tried were the Orange Cucumber and the Carrot Orange Ginger.

The Juice Box juices are available to order and can be delivered to your doorstep daily, you can follow them on twitter @thejuicebox

By: Richard Wolak

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