Cheesecake Challenge 2013 Winners

The Vancouver Foodster Cheesecake Challenge was a huge success featuring 12 Cheesecakes around Vancouver, North Vancouver and Richmond. Each restaurant featured their cheesecake from March 7-28th, and then the public voted between March 26-31. The cheesecake creations ranged from the traditional to non-traditional.

The Winners are:

1st Place: Trees Organic for their White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House

450 Granville Street, Vancouver

321 Water Street, Vancouver

1391 Richards Street, Vancouver

2655 Arbutus Street, Vancouver

7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond

Twitter: @TreesOrganic


Doron Levy – Owner of Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House

2nd Place: Dunns Famous for their Strawberry Cheesecake

Dunn’s Famous Strawberry Cheese Cake

Dunns Famous

827 Seymour Street,Vancouver

Tel: 604-682-8938

Twitter: @DunnsFamousBC



3rd Place: Fets Grill for their Banana Bacon Cheesecake with a whiskey maple caramel

Banana Bacon Cheesecake with a whiskey maple caramel

Fets Bar and Grill

1230 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: 604-255-7771

Twitter: @FetsGrill


Thank you to all the chefs and restaurants that accepted my invitation and featured their cheesecake on the menu for the past few weeks during this challenge.

I encourage you to visit the winning restaurants to try their cheesecake! See all the 12 Cheesecake entries here.

By: Richard Wolak

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