Pancake Challenge 2012 Winners

The first Annual Vancouver Foodster Local Pancake Challenge was a huge success featuring 9 pancake dishes from 9 restaurants including a Food Truck from around Vancouver and North Vancouver. Each restaurant featured their pancake creation from October 18 – November 18, and then the public voted between November 15 –21st. The pancake creations had to have a minimum of 3 Local ingredients in the dish and it could have been savoury or sweet.

The Winners are:

1st Place: Yolks Breakfast for their BC Hazelnut Pancakes with local apple-aged white cheddar fritters

BC Hazelnut Pancakes with local apple-aged white cheddar fritters

Created by Chef Steven Ewing

Description: BC Hazelnut Pancakes with local apple-aged white cheddar fritters

Local ingredients:  Eggs, Apples, Hazelnuts, Honey, Cheddar, Milk

Savoury or Sweet:  Sweet

Location: Food Truck at Dunsmuir & Beatty Street, Vancouver




2nd Place: Fishworks for their Pancake aux Fruits de mer

Pancake aux Fruits de mer

Created by: Chef Shallaw Kadir

Description: Pancake with seafood

Local Ingredients: Baynes Sound Manila clams, B.C. Honey Mussels, Squid, Qualicum Beach Scallops

Savoury or Sweet: Savoury

Location: 91 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver

Twitter: @FishworksLOLO



3rd Place: Catch 122 for their Flap Jaques 

Flap Jacques

Created by:  Rachel Whiting and Chris Hogan

Description: Carrot cake pancake with red wine poached local plum, pumpkin cream cheese, toasted walnuts and orange vanilla cream

Local Ingredients:

1. Milk and Whipping Cream and Yogurt – Birchwood Dairy (Abbotsford)

2. Eggs – Green as Grass Farm (Chiliwack)

3. Pumpkin – Richmond Country Farm (Stevenston)

4. Plum – Local Farmer’s Market (Vancouver)

5. Carrot – Local Farmer’s Market (Vancouver)

Savoury or Sweet:  Sweet

Location:122 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @catch122


Thank you to all the chefs and restaurants that accepted my invitation and featured their pancakes on the menu for the past month during this challenge.

Looking forward to the 2nd annual Pancake Challenge next year where I challenge chefs and their restaurants to concoct more exciting pancake dishes!

By: Richard Wolak

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