Roaming Dragon Tasting

Jory Simkin –co-owner (R) & Kristine Hancock – friend (L)

Roaming Dragon held a menu tasting party last week where they showcased 13 new dishes on their Street Food and catering menus to a packed house at District 319. There were stations set up around the room serving up everything from Ceviche to Tacos, as well as servers passing around all the other dishes.

Ceviche station

Guests were treated to Lychee Infused Vodka Cocktails as well as a Mocktails version which I enjoyed. There was also wine and beer to round out the thirst quenchers. Over at the Ceviche station people were sampling and sampling.

Serving Indonesian Beef Rendang Poutine

I sampled most of the dishes including the fave of the night the Indonesian Beef Rendang Poutine which happens to also be in my Poutine Challenge.

Malaysian Spicy “Debil” Chicken Taco

My other favourites included the Malaysian Spicy “Debil” Chicken Taco, Korean Short Rib Taco, Roaming Dragon “Chop” Salad and the Thai Dragon Burger.

Roaming Dragon


Tel: 604-639-3335

By: Richard Wolak

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