New Dishes Tasting at Fray

I revisited the Fray recently for dinner along with my friend Alvin to try some of their new dishes.

Rosemary Chips

Started off with the Rosemary Chips ($5.50)

Super Food Salad

Super Food Salad ($11.95)

BC Beet Salad

BC Beet Salad ($9.95)

Mountainview Burger

Mountainview Burger ($10.95)

Fraser Street Porker

Fraser Street Porker ($9.95)

Chocolate Silk Pie


Chocolate Silk Pie ($6.95)

Orange Semolina Pound Cake

Orange Semolina Pound Cake ($5.95)

Rustic Apple Tart

Rustic Apple Tart ($7.95)


I absolutely loved the Super Food Salad which was chock full of all things delicious and healthy too; the B.C. Beet Salad was also quite tasty and fresh in taste and appearance. The Mountainview Burger is one of the best new Vegetarian additions to the menu, the house-made combination of Falafel and chick pea patty is delicious. I didn’t care for the Fraser Street Porker at all, that dish would have been much better if it had been pulled pork as opposed to slices of pork. On to the dessert, I loved the Chocolate Silk Pie it was a dense chocolate that was smooth and melted in my mouth, I also loved the flavour and texture of the Orange Semolina Pound Cake. I thought the Rustic Apple Tart was too thin and would have preferred it puffed up slightly to make it a bit thicker in texture.


3980 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-569-3317


Twitter: @Frayonfraser

By: Richard Wolak

Photos Credit: Alvin Grado

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