Celadon Korean Cooking

Sonny & Maggie Huh

On November 22nd I attended an evening of Korean cooking with Sonny and Maggie Huh of Celadon Whistler that was held at Barbara Joes Books for Cooks in Vancouver. I had been invited by Pedro Villalon of Dao Tea who is friends of Sonny and Maggie to this very special evening.

Soju Cocktail


Jalapeno tossed in Chef Huh's signature chili vinaigrette dressing

I enjoyed the refreshing Soju cocktail before the cooking session began, then some of their Homemade kimchi followed by the Jalapeno tossed in Chef Huh’s signature chili vinaigrette dressing.

Angel-hair noodles in cold Kimchi soup with Alaskan king crab meat

Chef Huh's Kimchi gourmet Burger

Celadon's signature Bibimbap salad

Here is a selection of dishes they made during the evening, and I loved them all!

– Crispy seafood crepes with spring onions

– Angel-hair noodles in cold kimchi soup with alaskan king crab meat

– Miso soup

– Chef Huh’s kimchi gourmet burger

– Celadon’s signature Bibimbap salad

With this wonderful meal we were served tea by Pedro Villalon of Dao Teas and wines provided by Cassandra Anderton from Black Cloud Wine.

I can`t wait to visit Celadon on my next trip to Whistler.

Celadon Korean Cuisine is located in Whistler and online at www.celadonwhistler.com

By: Richard Wolak

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