Experiencing Korean Dishes at Mapo Pancake House

Take yourself on a culinary journey to Korea in downtown Vancouver. I had the pleasure to taste my way through many dishes on the menu at this restaurant that specializes in authentic Korean savoury pancakes and Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) amongst other Korean dishes and drinks. My friends Jason and Phil joined me for this one of a kind and tasty experience.

1st dish:

Large Seafood Green Onion Pancake with prawns, squid, mussels, imitation crab, green onion, and special sauce for dipping; and this was the table favourite and perfect for sharing.


Sampler flight of (Makgeolli) Rice Wine (original, citron, grape & chestnut) locally made @van_makgeolli my favourites were the original and chestnut.

Green grape flavoured Soju

2nd dish:

Large Bulgogi Cheese Pancake with special sauce, this was very rich as it was topped with various cheeses, carrots, onion and bulgogi beef.

3rd dish:

Yook Jeon features sliced beef and egg

4th dish:

Tofu kimchi this was a surprisingly tasty dish with stir fried kimchi w/ pork and squares of tofu

5th dish:

Kimchi cold soup –– one of their new items currently in development

One thing that this restaurant does is it provides guests who order the pancakes with various complimentary items that include Green salad, pickles, sauces which are refillable upon request at no charge.

Mapo Pancake House is located at 1130 Mainland St, in Yaletown. You can follow them on Instagram @mapopancakehouse

By: Richard Wolak