Top Table Group Trifecta Anniversary

Anniversary Cake created by Chef Thierry Busset

On Wednesday October 27, I attended the Top Table Group’s Trifecta Anniversary party at CinCin where they were celebrating the anniversaries of 3 of their restaurants. CinCin’s 20th Anniversary, West & Blue Water Café each turning 10.

Shaking Cocktails

It was a spectacular evening of wonderful wines, cocktails and canapés, I tried almost every dish and loved Blue Water Café’s sushi, West’s Shortrib Marrow, Araxi’s Crab Sushi Rolls and CinCin’s Mushroom Risotto and Stuffed Ravioli!

Chefs & Manager of West

Sushi from Blue Water Cafe

CinCin Ravioli & Seared Tuna

Mushroom Risotto from CinCin

Araxi’s Crab Sushi Rolls

Araxi Chef James Walt and his Duck Liver Parfait

Jack Evrensel –proprietor welcomed everyone who attended graciously and this was a fabulous party to attend. The chefs and their teams from each of the 5 restaurants were present creating appetizers for the guests.

Dessert Table

Sucres, Raspberry Tarts, Profiteroles

On the dessert table, CinCin Chef Thierry Busset put out a beautiful spread of his wonderous desserts and of course I tried every one of them, my favourites were the Pistachio Macarons, Chocolate Macarons, Soucres, Raspberry Tarts and the Tiramisu cups. Chef Thierry Busset also created a masterpiece Anniversary Cake that incorporated all of their restaurants in quote the showpiece.

By: Richard Wolak

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