Great Gatsby Chocolate & Martini Evening October 22

Speak Easy Martini’s paired with chocolate infused canapés

Now in its 8th year, the festival added a brand new event: “Great Gatsby” Martini and Chocolate Evening presented in partnership with Leigh Square Community Arts Village and Christine’s Catering Company. This cocktail event was inspired by a 1920’s motif and will dazzle your senses and your soul as we pair four tantalizing martinis such as the “Swanky Doll” and the “Gatsby Gin Mill” with eleven delectable canapés, Brie and Cranberries Sachet, Slow Braised Buffalo Ribs and Pepper Beef Carpaccio infused with unforgettable artisanal chocolate. On display for your viewing pleasure is the art collection “The Game” inspired by the 1920’s surreal game, titled Exquisite Corpse or Cadavre Exquis and topping it off, local youth crooner, 2010 PNE Talent winner  Corbin Van der Zalm, will be sharing his inspiration.

Reminiscent of the 1920’s, a time of celebration, the festival will inspire surprise, entertain and above all, help us cherish the good things in life… chocolate. As if that is not enough, your mere presence fulfills our mission: mentored work experience for youth, showcasing emerging artists’ and performers, and modeling our mindfully appreciative approach to chocolate and to life.

Swing with us at the Great Gatsby Chocolate & Martini Evening, for your senses and soul.

Tickets available at festival website ; for direct link to ticket purchase, click here please.

Ticket Price: $56.00 (all inclusive)


The Gathering Place, Port Coquitlam

#1100 – 2253 Leigh Square Place

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