Behind The Scenes with Chef Kat Tuason

I had the pleasure of getting to know Chef Kat Tuason as she took me on a tour Behind The Scenes in her kitchen at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel recently. It all started when I ate one of the desserts at the VanMag Restaurant awards a few months ago, I was in awe when I had one of her amazing Jack Daniels Ding Dongs and so the adventure began.

Chef Kat Tuason

Here is the adventure in the making of Kat’s Jack Daniels Ding Dongs!


Of course the Ding Dongs reminded me of my childhood when I used to love those not so good for you desserts, didn’t know that at the time. Kat’s Ding Dongs are a totally outrageous type of dessert and one that has Jack Daniels in the mix.

Jack Daniel's Ding Dongs

You can order some of these by calling Chef Kat Tuason at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak


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