L’Abattoir Opening

On July 12th I attended the opening of L’Abattoir a new French Westcoast restaurant with a menu that is focused on clean, fresh, and seasonal flavours using traditional preperations. Everything from sauces to pastas, bread, and even fresh cheeses are made in-house by hand.

Barman Shaun Layton

The ‘Slaughterhouse Punch’ created by Barman Shaun Layton was a hit by all those who enjoyed it including me. Tasting bites were passed around from Chef Lee Cooper’s menu.

Serving Smoked Trout

Serving Mini Donuts filled with Lemon Creme

This is a room that is going to create a lot of buzz, the modern design elements fit in so well with historical Gastown, in a modern twist that meets the older neighborhood. Their is a front of house bar and lounge, an elevated dining room and a sun soaked atrium at the rear which is my favourite spot and will soon be my go to location for late night and Sunday Brunch.

L’Abattoir is located at 217 Carrall Street in Gastown.

By: Richard Wolak

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