Feast of Fields at Wellbrook Winery

The Lower Mainland’s annual outdoor feast will be taking place at the Wellbrook Winery this year. For 15 years, our Lower Mainland Feast of Fields has always been the 1st Sunday after Labour Day…but this year, they are temporarily changing the date.

Feast of Fields 2009

Finally, the marriage of local foods and culinary arts is enjoying a broader audience in both British Columbia and around the world. And with such a rich bounty of local foods available year round, it’s easy to see why. To showcase and celebrate this connection that they are blessed with, FarmFolk/CityFolk has teamed up with Wellbrook Winery to host the 16th annual Feast of Fields on Sunday, August 29th at Wellbrook Winery, located on Bremner Farm in Delta, BC.

Each year, Feast of Fields offers an inviting, relaxed farm setting where guests wander at their own pace, taking in high summer’s many food gems prepared by the best of BC’s culinary masters. Together our region’s farmers, restaurateurs, vintners, brewers and food artisans share with the public their passion and knowledge of our local fare. Since 1994, Feast of Fields has provided a delicious opportunity for its guests to experience the simplicity of committing to a local, sustainable diet, as well as the endless enjoyment and variety that come with eating locally.

Feast of Fields 2009

This year’s theme, ‘A Taste of History’ will not only showcase 2nd generation farm production, but will also highlight the long standing relationships that some of BC’s best chefs have with BC farmers. Host Wellbrook Winery is located on Bremner Farm, a 55-acre property known for growing, producing and bottling some of the best juices in Canada. Started in the 1950s by Stan Bremner, the combined operations are today run by sons Alan and Terry. Along with running a successful fruit juice company, the Bremners also own Wellbrook Winery, which specializes in blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, peach, apricot and apple wines. A special feature of the winery location is ‘The Old Grainery Store’, which was lovingly restored by Terry Bremner during a two-year restoration project.

Feast of Fields is FarmFolk/CityFolk’s annual fundraiser. Net proceeds support their work year round as they help to create a sustainable food system for British Columbia. Not only will guests have a great culinary experience but they will also be investing in a secure food future.

Feast of Fields takes place Saturday, August 29 from 1–5pm at Wellbrook Winery (4626, 88th Street, Delta, BC). Tickets are $85 and can be purchased online starting June 15th at www.feastoffields.com.

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