Behind the Scenes with Chris Janik

In Part Two of my interview with Chris Janik we go Behind the Scenes with him into his open kitchen where he creates all the desserts for Miku Restaurant. Follow the photo stream below along with the recipe and story as he makes his Fruit Mousse Verrine.

Chris Janik and his Fruit Mousse Verrine

Fruit Mousse Verrine

1) Cook 50 ml Water and 175 grams Sugar until 121 C

2) Whip Egg Whites 125 gram half way and stop

3) When the sugar reaches the required temperature pour it slowly in a steady stream into the egg whites in medium-high speed. Continue mixing for 10 minutes until the mixture becomes cool.

4) Soak 4.5 Gelatine sheets in 3 separate containers filled with cold water. When the gelatine is soft melt it in the microwave for 10 seconds on high.

5) In 3 separate bowls put in 100 grams of each fruit puree starting with the Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Cassis.

6) Mix each Gelatine into each of the fruit purees mixing very well to avoid lumps.

7) Fold in 80 grams of the meringe into each of the mixtures, followed by 70 grams of the cream whipped to hard peaks.

8) Distribute evenly into glasses alternating the layers and fruits. Top can be decorated with lemon cookie crumble for a contrast in textures.

Pour sugar into the water

Boiled sugar water

Egg whites in bowl

Separating gelatin sheets

Mix boiled sugar into egg whites

Fruit purees in bowls

Egg whites whipped

Mix gelatin into puree

Mix egg white into purees


Mix cream into each puree

After mixing in egg whites & cream

Layering Presentation:

1st layer

Raspberries topped

Adding next layer

Adding next layer

Added passionfruit layer

Berries added

Voila the Fruit Mousse Verrine

Note: no pork in the gelatine.

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By: Richard Wolak

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