Interview with Henry Lee

Executive Chef | Jade Dynasty Restaurant

Henry has been the Executive Chef at Jade Dynasty Restaurant in Chinatown for the past 5 years, he has been cooking for 18 years and he was trained in Hong Kong. In Vancouver at the restaurant he is trying to inject a new concept in Dim Sum and is using local ingredients such as Daikon.

Where do you look for Inspiration to Create New Dishes?

Based on two areas, the first is I look in Hong Kong and Canton where the master chefs are and second I am always looking at the local trends and exploring the fresh produce available around Vancouver.

Do Your New Dishes Change by the Season?

The basic dishes don’t change just the produce and spices.

What are the Basic Dim Sum Dishes in Cantonese style?

1)     Bao (steamed buns)

2)     Shrimp Dumplings

3)     Beef Balls

4)     Pork Dumplings

5)     Rice Crepes

How long does it take to create the Shrimp Dumplings?

They take me 1 hour from scratch before being steamed.

What dishes do you not think people in Vancouver would eat in your restaurant?

Chicken Feet

What kind of food do you like to eat when eating outside of your restaurant?

I like a simple bowl of noodle soup when I am at home.

At Home What are the Top Ingredients we would find in your Kitchen?

1)     Pan Asian Spices Collection

2)     Oyster Sauce

What would you like people to discover when coming to your restaurant for a Dim Sum Experience?

I would like people to learn about authentic Cantonese cuisine.

How do you work with Local Ingredients?

I like to use as much local produce as possible while creating authentic Chinese recipes.

How would you describe your Almond Coated Taro Roll that you created?

It is a Pan Asian dessert.

By: Richard Wolak

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