970 Smithe Street, Vancouver

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Advice: You can call in your order from the movie theatre and stay to watch the movie credits before picking up your pizza.

Pollo Rustica Pizza

On my way out of a movie at the Scotiabank Theater, I had my eye set on pizza and that’s what I had at Pacifico, the restaurant is located in the same complex. With the brick oven as the showcase uniquely topped pizzas are going in and out of the oven, it all looked so good and how could I make a decision. I had the delicious Pollo Rustica Pizza ($17) for a medium — grilled seasoned chicken, artichoke hearts and red onion, topped with smoked Gouda and mozzarella cheese and garnished with fresh cilantro; I took my pizza to go as I was solo and knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole pizza on my own. There are many different pizzas on the menu, next time I want to try the Pacifico – Scallops, prawns, grape tomatoes, feta cheese and a touch of mozzarella on a garlic-brushed crust garnished with fresh basil. In addition to the pizzas, there is a large selection of pasta dishes, choose which pasta you would like along with one of the many vegetarian or meat sauces. This authentic Italian restaurant offers up much more, from their 8 inch whole focaccia with 3 variations of toppings, salads, soup, panino, baked pasta dishes, and chicken dishes. If you are still hungry there are a few desserts including their house specialty Bananas Doria – Bananas sautéed over a slow flame in a light crème caramel sauce. Served a la mode ($7).

Review by: Richard Wolak

970 Smithe Street, Vancouver

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