Winning Bartenders at Canada’s First Ever Mixology Competition

Colin Turner of Cin Cin (2nd Place Winner)

Colin Turner of Cin Cin (2nd Place Winner)

The Refinery in Vancouver was the host of “Canada’s First Ever Beer Inspired Mixology Competition” that was sponsored by The Whistler Brewing Company.  The event was held on Monday August 17th and there were 15 competitors representing bars and restaurants from around Vancouver and Victoria.

  1. Shaun Layton of George won in 1st place for his “Apres Fizz”.
  2. Colin Turner of Cin Cin took second place for “The Hybrid”.
  3. Kyle Lane of Regional Tasting Lounge took third for his highly creative Bubble Beer.

The point of the competition was to showcase 2 things, the first being that Vancouver (+surrounding areas) mixologists have created a dynamic community in which the sky is ultimately the limit for their creations; the second and what better then to use The Whistler Brewing Company beers as a catalyst to showcase this city’s talent in creating signature contemporary cocktails for such a unique competition. Lauren Mote of The Refinery was chief organizer of this amazing fete!

Photo credit: Richard Wolak

By: Richard Wolak

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