4210 Main Street, Vancouver

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Advice: Call ahead to place your take out order.

Hawaii Five-O Pizza

Hawaii Five-O Pizza

I have been a regular here at this Greek restaurant for many years, it is a family favorite as we know that they make delicious food. My favourites here are the Chicken Souvlaki ($16.50) skewered and grilled chicken served on a bed of rice, roasted potatoes, greek salad and satsiki; Hawaii Five-O Pizza ($16.50) with mushrooms, pineapple (and I get it without the ham); Spanakopita ($6) spinach, leeks, feta, fresh mint and fresh dill, wrapped in filo pastry; Briam ($12.50) zucchini, eggplant, red and green peppers, potatoes, tomato, garlic, and onions baked in olive oil and tomato sauce, topped with feta.

There is lots of seating inside as well as a patio the runs around front to the side of the building, the bar is well stocked and there is live music many nights of the week. The Main on Main is located in a good neighborhood and is fortunate to have established customers who come for their flavorful Greek and southern Mediteranean cuisine.

Review by: Richard Wolak

4210 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

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