The Edge Social Grille Opening

The Edge Social Grille & Lounge is the newest arrival on downtown Granville Street proving that Vancouver businesses are embracing this revived neighbourhood. Promising to become a major destination, this large, modern yet comfortable room is by Nigel Walker of Nigel Walker & Associates who was asked to design a “one-off” room for a unique look in a city of so many casual-fine-dining big boxes. The room is separated into a casual front lounge, bar, back dining room with booths, front dining room and two private rooms. The jewel in the crown on this Granville and Helmcken corner is a 100 seat patio running along the front of the restaurant set deep into the large street front courtyard, the only major dining patio on Granville Street.

The Edge Opening

Open for lunch, brunch, dinner and late night dining, the menu items include patio fare such as local Albacore tuna salade Niçoise; chopped chicken cobb or a grilled prosciutto and brie sandwich on sourdough with fig jam and basil mayonnaise. Comfort foods include truffled mac and cheese; house ground beef burger with apple wood smoked cheddar; roasted free- run chicken and flat breads – a selection of free formed freshly baked pizzas. The Asian flavours that Vancouverites and visitors crave are offered through five wok dishes that include squid, shrimp, bbq pork and prawns. The menu is varied, with a selection designed for diners who return often, and of course, sustainability and local products are a priority when choosing ingredients. No giant purchasing department here, just one restaurant with chefs that work one-on-one with suppliers committed to superior products.

The Edge Opening

The people behind The Edge Social Grille and Lounge are a blend of seasoned professionals, astute business people and young guns. Owner Amir Virani is a successful hands-on Hotelier. He has overseen the building of the restaurant but leaves the operations to James Drummond. Drummond, a 20 year industry vet has run some of Vancouver´s leading restaurants as General Manager of Earl´s, Sandbar and Cardero’s as well as a consultant to the hospitality trade. Alongside James is David Sarich. American Express service recipient, David’s background includes Glowbal, Coast, Lift, RedxRed and G Sports Bar and Grill. In the kitchen cooking is Travis Rea, our young gun whose background includes small restaurants and bistros as well as seven years as head chef for Milestones. Behind the scenes is Executive Chef Glen Zoteck, former chef instructor at VCC, Executive Chef for the Spectra Group and consulting chef throughout California and Asia. And marketing – not just about knowing how to market, it’s about knowing your market and for that Jill Wiersma steps into the picture.  With a background that includes work with smaller independent companies, Jill’s hands-on style means she really gets to know her market.  Together they have put together a team of support staff from assistant managers, to cooks and servers that will be the best trained staff in the city.

Downtown Granville Street has had more than a fresh coat of paint recently; it’s been taken apart, polished and put back together with street scaping, green space, triple wide sidewalks and heritage lighting, not to mention an underground transportation system that crosses it and The Edge Social Grille and Lounge is right in the center of the action. Surrounded by Yaletown, the Financial and Entertainment District, The Edge is expected to be the perfect spot for Vancouverites and visitors dining and entertaining needs, and with the large courtyard adjacent to the patio, a perfect spot to take in the atmosphere of the city on downtown Granville Street.

The Name: The Edge Social Grille and Lounge, a registered and title searched name. The Edge – that name is not a particularly unique one, and as we are finding out there are a number of restaurants and bars in North America that use “Edge” as part of their name, but it is descriptive of so many things and we feel great about using it.  Granville Street is on The Edge of becoming one of the “Best Streets in North America”*. Granville and Helmcken is on The Edge of Yaletown and the entertainment district. This part of Granville Street has a bit of an Edge with later hours, nightclubs and live venues. The Edge Social Grille and Lounge, a restaurant that is on The Edge of fine dining, on The Edge of casual dining. Grille and lounge, our “Liquor primary” licence gives us The Edge with later hours and more freedom to serve as a cocktail lounge in off peak dining hours and finally,…offering the best casual fine dining service in Vancouver gives us an Edge.

*“Best Streets in North America” – The City of Vancouver is working to re-establish the status of Granville Street as one of Vancouver’s Great Streets based on the definition of a Great Street which author Allan Jacobs provides in his classic book Great Streets

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