This is the spot for the writing on the wall, it is about the soon to open restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pubs,breweries and such. Bookmark this page and visit often for continuously updated restaurants that are opening soon or have recently opened. The Blackboard is pretty much updated daily, know of any establishments soon to open that are not listed, email your tips to:


Small Victory Bread + Coffee –3070 Granville Street –Opening September 24–on instagram @sv_bakery 

Chewies Biscuit Co — 2822 West 4th Avenue –Opening September 25 — on instagram @chewiesbiscuits 

Francesco’s Ristorante –909 Cordova Street –Opening September 20

Nook — 195 West 2nd–Opening late September  — on twitter @Nookvancouver

Sopra Sotto Italian Pizzeria  — Hastings (Burnaby Heights)– Opening September– on instagram @soprasotto.vancouver

Tasty Indian Bistro — 1261 Hamilton Street (yaletown) –Opening late September–on instagram @tastyindian



Hon’s Wonton House — 1661 East Broadway –Opening late 2018 — on instagram @honswonton

Dalina Fine Foods — Broadway and Oak –Opening Fall — on instagram @dalinavancouver

Chutneys Indian Grill –Grandview Central Plaza (2332-160 Street, Surrey ) –opening late October

The Caveman Cafe – 415 Abbott St, – Opening Fall — on instagram @cavemancafevan

Pacific Poke -1268 Commercial Drive –Opening Fall

The Bench Bakehouse — 1641 Commercial Drive – unit #100 –Opening Fall

Verre –550 Denman Street –Opening Fall

Juice Truck Cafe –4236 Main Street –Opening Fall

Lift Production Bakery –700 Copping St, North Vancouver –Opening mid-September — on instagram @liftbreakfastbakery

C41 Coffee — 123 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver –Opening September

TBA (Palestinean cuisine) —Richards Street (near Dunsmiur) – Opening December

Le Petit Belge — 1007 Main Street –Opening September — on instagram @lepetitebelge

Bake49 Japanese Desserts -1066 Mainland — Opening September –on Instagram @bakefortynine

Bob Likes Thai Food — 987 East Hastings Street — Opening Fall –on Instagram @boblikesthaifood

Italian Tomato –1047 Davie Street — Opening Fall

Yi Fang Fruit Tea –2112 West 41st Ave –Opening September

La Vita Restaurant— 2285 West 41st Avenue –Opening September

TBA (bubble tea) –2000 block West 41st –Opening September

Hustle Pizza Co –2104 West 41st Avenue –Opening late Fall

Solodko Ukrainian Bakery — 5077 Victoria Drive — Opening late October

Hustle Pizza Co –Franklin/Hastings –Opening late Fall

Blue Heron Food Lab Cafe — 2408 Main Street –Opening late September

Steve’s Poke Bar –Lougheed Mall area –Opening September

Kafka’s Coffee –151 West Hastings Street -Opening Fall — on Instagram @kafkascoffeetea

Meat & Bread –625 Robson Street –Opening Fall

Sing Sing — 2817 Main Street –Opening Fall

Jam Cafe — 2153 West 4th Avenue — Opening November

Yi Fang Fruit Tea –4020 Cambie Street –Opening September

Ugly Dumpling — 1590 Commercial Drive — Opening September –on Instagram

Jammer Cafe Motors — 350 West 8th Avenue – Opening Fall

Burgerette (Modern Burger) — 865 West Broadway — Opening September

Cantina Norte — 3246 Connaught Crescent, North Vancouver — Opening early 2019

Celsius — 6350 Fraser Street –Opening August

Taan Char –4500 Kingsway –Opening September

Tacofino –Ontario Street and East 5th –Opening Fall — on instagram @TacofinoVAN

SMK Smokery & Bar — SMK Smokery + Bar –Opening Summer –on instagram @smkrestaurants

Matchstick Coffee –1328 Richards Street –Opening September — on instagram @matchstickyvr

Com Vietnamese — 7688 Alderbridge Way, Richmond –Opening October – on instagram @comvietnamese

Pokedoki — 693 W Broadway –Opening October  –on instagram @pokedoki

Horn Ok Please — Hornby/Pacific — Opening September

Horn Ok Please — SFU — Opening September

Guu –1239 Davie Street –Opening November

Caffe Artigiano  –Shipyards, North Van –Opening early 2019

Heritage Asian Eatery — 382 West Broadway — Opening Fall — on instagram @eatheritage

Welcome Parlour –Shipyards, North Van –Opening 2019

Nook –Shipyards, North Van –Opening 2019

Joey Restaurant  –Shipyards, North Van –Opening 2019

Eggspectation  — 10551 St Edwards Dr, Richmond –Opening September

La Ruota Pizzeria –2000 West 4th Avenue –Opening Fall– on instagram @laruotapizza

Koko Monk Chocolates — 2883 West Broadway –Opening late September–on instagram @mykokomonk

Nacho Loco –1408 Commercial Drive –Opening Fall

Tacomio –1300 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver –Opening October

Horin Ramen & Sake — 1226 Robson Street –opening Fall

TBA (chinese) –2808 Cambie Street –Opening Fall

Caffe La Tana — 633 Commercial Drive –Opening October– on instagram @caffelatana

Sweet Jesus –4700 Kingsway, Burnaby (inside Metrotown) –Opening October — on instagram @sweetjesus

Como Taperia — 209 East 7th Avenue –Opening November — on Instagram @comotaperia

Mickey’s Pizza Co — TBA — Opening 2019 — on instagram @mickeyspizzaco

The Belgian Chocolate Café – 38 Smithe Street –Opening September

Pacific Poke –Broadway/Oak –Opening Fall

Breka Bakery — 821 Denman Street –Opening Fall

Ancora Dining —  1351 Bellevue Drive, West Vancouver –Opening Fall  — on instagram @ancoradining

Hydra – 825 West Pender Street — Opening early September

Balila Hummus — 983 Helmcken Street –Opening TBA — on instagram @balilahummus 

Blaze Pizza — 929 Granville Street, Vancouver — Opening Early October– on Instagram @blazepizza

Blaze Pizza –701 Park Royal North, West Vancouver– Opening October — on Instagram @blazepizza

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken — Central at Garden City – 4660 Garden City Road, Richmond –Opening tba  — on Instagram @hotstar_canada

Foo’s Ho Ho –100 E Pender Street –Opening tba

Foret Noire — 236 West Broadway –Opening September –on instagram @foretnoirepatisserie

Vaporetto – 1585 Johnston Street, Granville Island — Opening tba

Zaatar W Zeit –535 Granville Street –Opening Fall — on instagram @zaatarwzeit

Tsujiri – 9251 Alderbridge Way, Richmond –Opening TBA– on instagram @tsujiri_vancouver

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant –2294 West 4th Avenue –Opening Fall — on Instagram @heirloomveg

Elisa Steak– 1109 Hamilton Street –Opening late October –on instagram @yaletownsteak

Mahjong Social –276 East Pender (main floor)–opening tba — on twitter @mahjong_social

Shanghai Alley Noodle Shack — 276 East Pender (top floor)–opening tba

Stanley Park Brewing — Stanley Park — Opening tba

Do Chay Vegetarian –Kingsway (near Knight)–Opening September

TBA (owned by Sequoia Group) -1055 Canada Place –Opening tba

PappaRoti — 1778 Columbia Street –Opening September– on twitter @PappaRotiCanada

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant –Main and 20th –Opening 2019 — on Instagram @heirloomveg



Hunnybee Brunchenette — 789 Gore Avenue — on instagram @hunnybeebrunch

Sneeki Tiki Restaurant & Bar -1100 Granville Street  — on instagram @sneeki.tiki

La Taqueria –2450 Yukon Street — on instagram @lataqueria

Johnny Rockets — 988 West Broadway- – on instagram @johnnyrocketscan

Hannam Supermarket — 1323 Robson Street, 2nd floor

Ta Bom Korean Restaurant — 1536 Robson

Nicli Antica Pizzeria –3142 Highland Boulevard, North Vancouver (Edgemont Village)

Elephant Garden Creamery — 2080 Commercial Drive — on instagram @elephantgardencreamery

OneZo Tapioca –4929 Kingsway, Burnaby — on Instagram @onezotapioca

Seorae Korean BBQ –115-5668 Hollybridge Way, Richmond —on Instagram @seoraecanada

Buro Coffee – 579 Robson Street –on instagram @buro_coffee

Hot Cha Cafe –3306 Cambie Street –on instagram @hotchacafe3306

Danoo Cafe — 4462 West 10th Ave — on instagram @danoocafe

The Sauce Pasta Cafe — 861 Denman Street  –on instagram @thesaucepastacafe

The Garden –868 East Hastings — on instagram @thegardenstrathcona

Uno Gelato –1055 Canada Place–on Instagram @unogelato.yvr

Indian Junction –3364 Cambie Street

Little Juke –1074 Davie Street — on instagram @jukefriedchicken

The Deck Kitchen & Bar — (inside The Pacific Gateway Hotel, Richmond) — on twitter @DeckAtPGH

Garlic and Cilantro –835 Denman — on Instagram @garlicandcilantro 

Cacao Upstairs –1898 West 1st Ave

Passion8 Desserts Cafe –2259 East Hastings

Bambu –1090 Kingsway — on instagram @bambuvancouver

Purebread Bakery –8 East 5th — on instagram @purebread_canada

Milssam Tacorea –1130 Mainland Street — on Instagram @milssamtacorea

Grain Vegetarian Fare –3596 East Hastings Street — on Instagram @grainvegfare

Tormenta –1326 Davie Street — on Instagram @tormentayvr

The Bubble Tea Shop – 1764 Manitoba Street

Ay Picante – 418 E Columbia Street, New Westminster –on Instagram

Hail Mary’s –670 E. Broadway — on Instagram @hailmaryseastvan

Uno Gelato —  601 Stamps Landing –on Instagram @unogelato.yvr

Browns Crafthouse — 580 West Pender Street

Uno Gelato –2579 West Broadway –on Instagram @unogelato.yvr

Bombay Kitchen and Bar — 1018 Commercial Drive –on Instagram @bombaykitchenandbar

Edwards Seafood and Spirits –12 Powell Street

Ramen Raijin –401 West Broadway

Mumbai Local –1148 Davie Street  –on instagram @mumbai_local_kitchen 

Birds and Beets pop-up- 789 Gore Avenue

Mary’s on Davie — 1202 Davie Street — on instagram @marysondavie

Farm to Table Market — 1312 Richards Street  — on Instagram @farmtotablemarket

Kafka’s -577 Great Northern Way

Brewhall — 97 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver —-on instagram @brewhall

Buns + Boba Tea House — 327 E. Broadway —on Instagram @bunsandboba

M8 — 1010 Beach Avenue — on instagram @m8yvr

Bean Banh Mi –1198 Kingsway — on instagram @beanbanhmi

Hon’s Wonton House — 25 E. 2nd Avenue – on instagram @honswonton

Their There — 2042 West 4th Avenue

Meinhardt Fine Foods — 1350 Marine Drive, West Vancouver — on instagram @meinhardtfinefoods

Origo Club –110-6888 River Road, Richmond — on Instagram @origoclub

Pepino’s Spaghetti House –631 Commercial Drive — on instagram @pepinosspaghettihouse

Our Town Cafe –245 E. Broadway — on instagram @ourtowncafe

Hey Dumplings — 208 Keefer Street –on instagram @heydumplings


Note: restaurants that have opened in the past couple of months.

Updated September 21, 2018 by Richard Wolak

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