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Interview with Sean Heather

Restaurateur | Vancouver What are the most challenging elements of running restaurants? Liquor Laws, staffing, getting a head start on trends before they hit (assuming that they fit your business) food critics (everybody is one these days)…I could go on…

Long Table Series at Irish Heather Jan 11th to Feb 11th

This period of The Irish Heather’s Long Table Series (LTS) will probably be our best ever! From January 11th to February 11th we will be serving 11 new entrees and 3 new beverages, including a first time pairing with red…

Long Table Series at the Irish Heather

The Long Table Dinner series was created by Sean Heather the owner of the Irish Heather, Sean had what has turned out to be a truly great idea. This idea has turned into one of the most successful dinner events…

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