Long Table Series at Irish Heather Jan 11th to Feb 11th

This period of The Irish Heather’s Long Table Series (LTS) will probably be our best ever! From January 11th to February 11th we will be serving 11 new entrees and 3 new beverages, including a first time pairing with red wine.

Long Table suppers are priced at $15 or $17 (plus tax and tip) and that includes a meal and a beverage.  Only two of the suppers are $17 and that is a reflection of the cost involved with a different cut of meat. For those who don’t wish to have an alcoholic beverage, Coca Cola have stepped in to offer a classic bottle of Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite.

The LTS will continue to offer a vegetarian meal for those who would prefer it (just make sure you let us know you’ll be having a vegetarian meal in advance).  We have revamped the entire menu and will be offering completely different options throughout January and February.

The LTS will continue during the Olympics and if the demand is there we will be hosting two LTS sittings each night. Keep your eyes open for the next menu!

LTS reservations can be made by emailing sean@irishheather.com and visit the blog for photos, menus, dates and prices at www.ltsmenu.blogspot.com.

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