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1600 Howe Street, Vancouver Tel: 604-681-1164 Web: http://www.ancoradining.com/ Twitter: @ancoradining Advice: Reservations suggested. With it’s spectacular waterfront setting, Executive Chef Ricardo Valverde leads the kitchen where he offers up an exquisite menu of seafood focussed dishes, alongside Sushi Chef Yoshi Tabo….

Ancora Opening

I attended the opening party yesterday for Viaggio Hospitality Group’s new restaurant which offers a unique mix of West Coast, Peruvian and Japanese fare. Executive Chef Ricardo Valverde’s Peruvian origins lend Ancora’s menu an authentic South American flair. Located in the…

Tasting Brunch at Chicha Restaurant

Further exploring Peruvian cuisine, I tasted my way through a sampling of the new brunch menu at Chicha Restaurant. Chef Shelome Bouvette and Allison Flock have created a wonderful selection of dishes to enhance our love of their Peruvian restaurant….

Tasting Plates Latin American Flavours

On June 25, 2014 we presented our Tasting Plates Latin American Flavours event that showcased 7 restaurants all over Vancouver featuring cuisine from Mexico, Peru, San Salvador and more. It was an exciting night of tasting all sorts of Latin…

Tasting Plates Latin American Flavours on June 25

Tantalize your taste buds at several Latin American restaurants all over Vancouver.  This evening tasting extravaganza goes from 6pm until 10:30 pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster. Each restaurant will be serving up Tasting Plates for guests to enjoy and you…

Tasting more Peruvian dishes at Chicha

Having dined at Chicha restaurant previously, there were many more dishes that I wanted to try and did so on this visit. 1st dish Pulpo y Chorizo – octopus, chorizo, Peruvian black olive aioli, basil and aji pepper mash 2nd…


UPDATED – BUSINESS HAS CLOSED 136 East Broadway, Vancouver Tel: 604-620-3963 Web:  http://www.chicharestaurant.com/ Twitter: @ChichaVancouver Advice: Take a friend or two and share dishes. I absolutely adore seeing passionate chefs open an eatery who are adventurous with a sole purpose…

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