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Advice: Take a friend or two and share dishes.

I absolutely adore seeing passionate chefs open an eatery who are adventurous with a sole purpose of throwing us all in to a new direction. The two chefs behind Chicha are not only experienced having worked for years in other kitchens around the city, they also both share a love for unique flavours, stunning presentation and deliciousness. Peruvian is not a cuisine known to many around this part of the world, it is however a food culture that I am curious about and hope that food lovers in this city will embrace and follow the culinary journey that Chef Shelome Bouvette and her partners Chef Allison Flook and friend Kumiko Umeno have begun. Peruvian is best described as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and indigenous flavours, methods and traditions.


As I began my dinner experience, the first dish was a selection of Causa a classic Peruvian dish that is whipped potatoes in an array of colours which is made with various vegetables and are crowned with a variety of toppings. The ones I had were the delicious Atun (Spicy Albacore Tuna), Cangrejo (Crab Salad) & Verduras (Lima bean).

Locro de Zapallo Empanadas

Las Papas Fritas

Novoadean las Verduras Fritters

Anticucho de Pollo

Next was the very good Locro de Zapallo Empanadas filled with kale, corn, roasted butternut squash, and salsa topped with the traditional pieces of red onions. The Las Papas Fritas were lightly seasoned and served with a Peruvian tartar, truly addicting fries. The Novoadean las Verduras fritters which happen to be gluten-free and vegan, were made with cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, corn, quinoa and served with an outstanding passion fruit sauce.  Finally the Anticucho de Pollo (chicken skewers) Amarillo chili, brown butter potato, trio of ajis (sauces) was another very good dish.

Peruvian Lucuma Pisco Cheesecake

For dessert I had the delicious Peruvian Lucuma Pisco Cheesecake in a raspberry sauce which is made with a tropical fruit with a delicate flavor, native to Peru.

The menu appears vast, though the chefs say it is a small representation of many dishes to come. This is a culinary journey that I can-not wait to continue and I know these chefs will not disappoint, visit, eat, enjoy and embrace their creativity.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5T 1W1, Canada

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