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Mamie Taylor’s Chicago Steakhouse Pop-Up

Following the Mamie Taylor’s barrel aged Manhattan was the perfect welcome cocktail for Chef Jeff Koop’s Chicago Steakhouse Pop-Up that I recently attended. This themed dinner celebrated the steakhouse as we know it in Chicago, going back in time to…

Okanagan Spring Brewmasters Dinner at Mamie Taylors

On May 28 I attended this Okanagan Spring Brewmaster’s Dinner at Mamie Taylor’s in Chinatown. Featuring Okanagan Spring which has been around since 1985, the brewmaster Stefan Tobler spoke about each of their beers. Now on to dinner and the…

Tasting Brunch at Mamie Taylors

Executive Chef Tobias Grignon and his team launched their Southern American style brunch menu this weekend and my friend Julius and I shared a selection of dishes. I have eaten dinner in the past and it’s great to see them now offering…

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