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Chef Rob Feenie Battle Crab Dinner

In 2005, Feenie became the first Canadian to win on the popular television show Iron Chef America by defeating Chef Masaharu Morimoto. To celebrate this fete 10 years ago, a reunion menu was orchestrated by Cactus Club Restaurants of which…

Interview with Top Chef Canada Competitor Matt Stowe

The other day I had lunch with Chef Matt Stowe at Cactus Club Coal Harbour restaurant, sitting by the window overlooking the stunning view of Coal Harbour. Before I interviewed him, we each ordered some dishes off the menu, I…

Concession Eating at Cactus Club English Bay

This may be the fanciest beach concession you have eaten at in Vancouver, gone are the greasy fish & chips that you might find at other concessions. I had the opportunity to taste some of Chef Rob Feenie’s new menu…

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