Experiencing Brazilian Cuisine at WhataFood

Enjoyed learning about Brazilian street food and discovered that WhataFood is a common expression in Brazil and that refers to the type of street food.

I started off with a selection of Whatabites, and my favourites were the Bacalhau (cod) poppers and Chicken Coxinha.

I never knew what a Pastel was until now, and it is basically fried pastries typically filled with various savoury or sweet fillings. They offer two different sizes, there is a classic which is smaller and more like a snack and then there is the Especial’s which are much larger to be more like a meal.

The Chicken Especial Pastel was delicious and filled with chicken, cheese, corn and more.

 The Beef and cheese classic Pastel was also very good.

The Marguerita Pastel had similar ingredients as a Margarita pizza and it tasted great.

One of my other favourites was the Romeo and Julieta Pastel (aka guava and cheese); and this one was on the sweeter side.

The Carne seca & cassava cream pastel was filled with beef jerky and cassava cream which is very popular in Brazil.

I also tried a selection of desserts, I loved the Brigardero Chocolate and Coconut Cake; as well as the Brigadero Strawberry.

The Mini churros were filled with Dulce de leche and very tasty but different than I had in other Latin restaurants in the past.

The Passionfruit Mousse was light and refreshing; and the Caramel Flan was fairly sweet with a brown sugar sauce.

The Guarand Antarctica drink is a popular type of soda imported from Brazil.

WhataFood is located at 855 Denman Street in the Westend neigbourhood of Vancouver, you can follow them on Instagram @whatafoodofficial

By: Richard Wolak